Watch Rodenstock’s aftermovie!

Watch the aftermovie of Rodenstock, which included over 50 Porsche Design Eyewear opticians from the Benelux to the Porsche factory in Leipzig.

Porsche calls for many emotions. The speed and sound of the engine give an adrenaline kick and accelerates the heartbeat. All reasons for an exclusive trip to the Porsche factory in Leipzig. In addition to visiting one of the most advanced factories in the world, the enthusiastic group of test drives were allowed to go on the Leipzig racecircuit in various Porsches.

During the factory tour, the opticians got a look behind the scenes of the production process of, among others, the Porsche Cayenne, Panamera and the Macan. The demanding interaction between man and machine made a lot of impression. The timing of the production process is accurate to the second, as you can expect from a sports car manufacturer. In addition, they had perfect view of the entire circuit from the control station. After lunch, it was time to go on a test drive in one of the many Porsches.

In addition to driving on an FIA-certified on-road circuit, where the Porsches 911 could be tested to the limit, a Cayenne was also driven on off-road tracks. With ease, steep slopes of up to 80% were driven up and down, rough terrain was explored and a dip in the 100 meter long water gripper was taken.

Curious? All adventures are recorded in this aftermovie!


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