YELLOWS PLUS Sophisticated Beauty of Style

In our long history, numerous different eyewear styles have been produced. To make it more comfortable and more functional, they have been studied and modified throughout the years. Among them, what has been inherited and is still remaining today is what we,Yellows Plus, consider the classic style. And the inevitable form, including the fine appearance, should be able to be defined the beauty of the style. Our philosophy of designing products is to be one of the heirs who inherit such a traditional form of beauty with capturing the contemporaneity, and pass it to the next generation.

We believe that the eyewear that has timeless beauty can naturally go well with any kinds of outfits and in any occasions. Needless to say, it can also match any type of skin colors and face structure of wearers.
Relaxing and simple classic style is what we want to offer to wearers and it is our ideal form of the eyewear.
This is why, even though classic style has been long in the eyewear market along with the apparel industry trend, we do not put too much emphasis on the retro, and classic taste in our products.

It is only to realize designer TOSHIAKI YAGAGISHI’s subtle image as precisely as possible. Since eyewear is put on the most noticeable part on faces, just 1mm of the line thickness, and just 1 degree of the surface angle make the impression completely different. Therefore, in order to properly form to detail to the image, skillful craftsmen who have inherited the tradition in manufacturing in Fukui, which is one of the world’s major eyewear production districts, is truly essential.

As a successor, it is also essential to develop new methods for coming generation. Adopting unprecedented materials and technique is not always an easy subject for us as our products are based on classic styles. Yet, thanks to the diligent craftsmen in the eyewear production center; Fukui, even if it is a unprecedented tough task, they would take challenge, and satisfy quality checks at high standard. Obviously one of the big reasons why our product is getting high reputation worldwide is simply for its exquisite feel of a class and quality.

Toshiaki Yamagishi was born in Fukui, Japan in 1969. While working as a sales representative at his family-owned eyewear trading company, he dealt with one of the popular apparel shops for designing their original eyewear products. In 2001, he launched Yellows Plus. The brand started as “the collection of the Japanese people, for the Japanese people, by the Japanese people”. Now it has become one of the most popular Japanese eyewear brands in the world for its universal beauty, high quality, and comfortableness.

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