Bevel Spring/Summer 2016

At Bevel, we hate the word ’trends’ to describe what is happening with our collection. However, you will definitely notice a move towards more rounded, softer, less angular shapes in this collection. There are even a couple of round pieces!

We have also expanded upon the ‘chiseled’ series of 3mm titanium styles that we experimented with in the Fall. The 3 dimensional look and feel is truly fitting of our brand name. Finally, after 16 years, we had this idea!

Fabulously bold combinations of titanium with acetate inserts for women add stunning color to this release. Our acetates are full of bold reds, blues and purple marble colors, complimenting the softer, milder hues.

We have added 2 new titanium SUNS for the lads. Modern, clean and cool. We were thinking Paul Weller, of The Jam fame, when we created these. Tough but cultured. Mr Clean.

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Louis Fullagar